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Post by Kyrie Irving on 12/5/2020, 18:19

Betting Fnx1rc1

1. Participation & rules
Anybody is free to take part of this, as long as they respect the rules.
You can make just a prediction per match for the bet to be validated.
You can't predict your own team's match.
You can post your bet 30 minutes before the fixture begins. Any bet made after the deadline won't be take into consideration.
Don't edit your prediction after the deadline, it won't be taken into consideration.

2. Bet example

"Team A" - "Team B", halftime score: 0-1, final score: 2-1, goals: "Player C" x2, "Player D" x1

3. Points
Predicted the correct score - 15p
Predicted the correct halftime score - 10p
Predicted the correct outcome - 10p
Predicted the correct outcome at halftime - 5p
Predicted the goalscorer - 5p
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